Privacy Policy

GM Expat Tax asks you to help us provide a relevant service by requesting a limited amount of information. You should be assured that we treat your details with the utmost seriousness, and do not pass this information to any other person whatsoever outside our company, unless you have given us your express permission to do so in advance.

We will collect information about you in the event that we are instructed to provide our professional services to you, which shall be the subject of a formal terms and conditions letter which we will send to you by email.

If you believe we hold incorrect information about you, or wish your details to be removed from our records please contact us at any time with your request, including those details that you believe we have on record (so that we can locate you).

Please also note that this website contains links to third party websites, and that if you choose to visit those other sites you will no longer be protected by our Privacy Policy. GM Expat Tax is not responsible for the Privacy Policies, nor indeed the contents, of third party websites that can be accessed via hyperlinks on this site.


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