Leaving Australia

If you are leaving Australia to live or work overseas as an expat you may have important tax planning and compliance questions to consider.

This can be a particular issue where a property in Australia is being retained and rented. For people in this situation you will have a continuing need to submit tax returns to the ATO as a non-resident and pay tax at non-resident rates of tax.

For those who are non-resident for Australian tax purposes and are selling a residential property in Australia you must also consider the capital gains tax position and the reliefs available to you as a non-resident along with your reporting obligations both in Australia and the country to which you are a tax resident.

If you are ceasing to be an Australian tax resident you will have to consider the deeming provisions of Australian taxable property and whether to deem dispose of these assets. If you choose to do so you must report the disposal in your tax return in the year you cease to be an Australian tax resident.

Those who are leaving Australia as holders of temporary visa may be eligible to claim a refund of superannuation contributions paid by their employers in Australia – known as the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment, or DASP.

Higher Education Loan Repayments

If it is your intention to move and live overseas (for more than six months in any 12-month period or permanently), you are required to advise the ATO of the following:

  • update your contact details.
  • submit an overseas travel notification within seven days of leaving Australia.
  • report your worldwide income or a non-lodgment advice (if you don’t have income to report).

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