UK and Australian Tax Returns for 2015 – Deadlines Approaching

Jane Cooper 15 October, 2015

Two key deadlines are approaching for the submission of UK and Australian tax returns. If you don’t have matters in hand you may need to act now.

If you haven’t yet lodged your 2015 Australian tax return and don’t have a Registered Tax Agent looking after you the deadline for lodging the tax return with the Australian Taxation Office is the 31st of October, 2015.

If you instruct a registered tax agent such as GM Tax by the 31st of October, 2015 you will be able to access an extended filing deadline – assuming your tax returns are up to date for earlier years.

The same date also brings a deadline in respect of UK tax returns, in that hard copy tax returns for 2015 must be delivered to HM Revenue by that date to escape a late filing penalty.

An additional 3 months is available if you are e-lodging a UK tax return, but for those who are not residing in the UK e-lodgement of a UK tax return via the HM Revenue website is not possible, as the required Residence supplement cannot be submitted via the Revenue’s website.

Rather, individual taxpayers must acquire commercial UK tax return software that allows the Residence supplement to be completed, or should instruct a firm of tax accountants that can e-lodge all required pages to the 2015 tax return.

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