GM Tax


Thanks for all your help getting these completed Shannon – I couldn’t have done it this efficiently without you. You’ve been amazing.​

My partner and I have our returns completed by GM Tax. They have helped fix issues and also have been able to support our queries. The advice is very timely and thorough to help with business and security planning. We have very happy with their advice and have referred our family to them as well.

As a migrant from the UK, the requirement to lodge a tax return in Australia can be daunting. I have had to file returns in both places. In the four years since Jane and Catherine have been looking after me, they have made everything straightforward. As a woman going through separation/ divorce they have also been excellent with the practical advice they’ve given. I can now say that I do understand a little more about my tax situation, and without GM Tax I would have certainly also lost out financially. And anything I don’t understand? I trust they have done the best by me so I do not worry.