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Having moved to the UK from Australia and had property interests in both countries – and had received some poor advice in the past, I had some complex tax issues to sort out with both the ATO and also the HMRC.

Finding a firm that understands both tax systems and the interactions and interdependencies between them was challenging. After having an initially frustrating time with another firm working on the Australian side, I fully engaged GM-Tax as agents for both the ATO and HMRC.

The service I have received from all the GM Tax team and Catherine especially has been absolutely first class. Clear communication, clear explanation of opportunities, obligations and strategies have been provided all along the way and Catherine has managed the preparations and submissions effortlessly and on top of that done an amazing job of negotiating with ATO and HMRC to ensure the most favourable outcomes possible were achieved.

The end result has far exceeded my expectations – including managing to retrospectively turn around the less than ideal situation left by my previous Australian Tax Agent.

GM-Tax also have a great understanding of wealth management and implications and opportunities in moving from the UK to Australia or vice-versa. The comfort of knowing my tax is being managed optimally and to the satisfaction of the ATO and HMRC is reassuring and is a huge load off my mind.

I could not recommend GM-Tax highly enough. If you have financial interest in both the UK and Australia, you need to be talking to them!

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