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Individuals – Australian Tax
Living in Singapore

As a non-resident for Australian tax purposes you will be required to lodge an Australian tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to report your Australian sourced income & gains.

Should you have an outstanding HELP debt then you are also required to report your overseas earnings on an Australian tax return and make any repayments due.

Your income is taxed at non resident rates of tax (32.5% on the first $90,000 (2020/2021) and you are not entitled to the tax free threshold ($18,200 for 2020/2021).

The Australian tax year runs from 1st July to 30th June.

You will need to apply for a tax file number in order to lodge an Australian Tax Return.

You can apply via the ATO website.

The filing deadline will vary depending of whether you are lodging the tax return yourself of via a registered tax agent:

  • Lodging yourself the filing deadline is 31 October.
  • Lodging via a tax agent the filing deadline is May the following year, if all your prior year tax returns have been lodged on time.

We at GM Tax provide fixed fee quotes for advisory work and tax returns.

If you have left or are leaving Australia and would like a fixed fee proposal from a firm of UK & Australian tax advisors that understands the issues affecting individuals living overseas please complete our online enquiry via our contact us button or by calling a GM Tax office closest to you.

GM Tax also offers the following services:

  • Tax planning advice and guidance with regards to your Australian residency status or change in visa status.
  • Preparation of Australian tax returns, with all returns submitted to the ATO electronically.
  • Advice on the income & capital gains tax position where a property in Australia is being let or sold while a taxpayer is living overseas.
  • Impact of ceasing to be an Australian Tax Resident and capital gains tax deeming provisions.
  • HECS reporting obligations as a non resident of Australia in receipt of foreign sourced income.
  • Assistance to ensure Australian sourced income of those who are non residents of Australia is properly taxed and is not taxed twice, or double taxed.
  • This last point is particularly relevant to those who have Australian sourced income or capital gains which may also be subject to tax in the country in which the taxpayer is now resident.